Saturday, January 16, 2016

Interesting Teaser From Kimber

Kimber, well-known for their 1911s and hunting rifles, sent out a teaser yesterday on Instagram and in a press release. They say they are announcing a new platform on Monday, January 18th, that "will change the way that you think about concealed carry." The new platform will be available at Industry Day at the Range which I will be fortunate enough to attend.

Here is their teaser:

Either it is a false flag or they are getting into the revolver business.

Frankly, I think it is a false flag. It is hard enough to be successful in the revolver business for the established players. Making a solid, working revolver is harder and more expensive than making a new pistol. If I had to guess, they are coming out with a striker-fired pistol. We'll see in little more than 48 hours.

As it is, kudos to Kimber for coming up with a teaser that is artistic and that makes us speculate wildly.

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