Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shocking News!!

I know you will be as shocked (shocked!) by the news below as I am.

I wonder if it was her endorsement of Australian-style gun confiscation or her decision ignore the experience of Democrats in 1994 and Al Gore in 2000 to go all in for gun control. It could have been her proposal of a "cash for clunkers" approach to gun buybacks with yours and my money. And let's not forget that she is the Brady Campaign's Governor Mario M. Cuomo Leadership Award winner! It could be that an organization full of bullying old harridans recognized her as one of their own.

If Bernie Sanders actually pulls off a win in Iowa and/or New Hampshire, I wonder if they will reconsider. The Qunnipac University Poll shows him retaking the lead in Iowa and holding a lead in his neighboring state of New Hampshire.

The Brady Campaign is going all in as they have even set up a website proclaiming their strong endorsement of Clinton.


  1. I consistently put the safety of Americans ahead of the interests of the Democrats so I am an NRA life member and defend the Second Amendment.


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