Monday, March 7, 2016

Interesting Map

Below is a map generated by the website The website polls visitors and seeks to match up potential voters with the candidates that most represent their views.

In this case, people were asked did they support more gun control. The results are interesting. With the exception of the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and the western suburbs of Boston, there was no strong push for more gun control. Amazingly given the attitudes of the local politicians, the people in the District of Columbia, Baltimore, and the DC metro counties were not strong proponents of gun control.

By contrast, there is the state of Wyoming. It is in deep purple. I never thought of purple as the color of freedom but in this case it is. More power to wonderful Wyoming, the Equality State.

H/T Rob Morse


  1. The orange/red areas are small, but they are population centers that dominate politics in their respective states. The large swatches of greenish colors might not have a "strong push" for more gun control, but they are probably wishy-washy and would acquiesce to "reasonable" restrictions, because they don't fully understand the issue. Even many of the traditionally pro-gun states are infected with that sickening green hue! It looks like if you don't want to be snow bound all winter, Mississippi may be the place to be - it's not the darkest blue, but at least it's *all* blue.

    1. The thing to keep in mind is that the divisions you see in the map are by congressional district. That is one reason all of Wyoming is deep purple as is a large swath of Nebraska.