Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shotgun Drills For Home Defense

I came across to a link to this video earlier today. In it, Chris Baker of LuckyGunner.com goes through four drills that he suggests you should practice if you intend to use a shotgun for home defense. As I bought the Complementary Spouse a 20 gauge Mossberg 500 Bantam Tactical shotgun (with a purple stock and handguard!) for Christmas, I think these drills have a lot of merit.

The drills include:
  1. Mount, shoot one
  2. The follow-through
  3. Shoot, Reload, Shoot
  4. Reload from Empty
Chris explains it in detail here. I met Chris at the NRA Annual Meeting last year in Nashville. He impressed me as an on the ball sort of guy.

As a reminder, I am a LuckyGunner affiliate. Commissions earned through this program are donated in their entirety to gun rights organizations. Just use the LuckyGunner link in the upper right side of this page.

They are one of the few places that has the 20 gauge Rio Royal Buck in #1 buckshot as well as the 20 gauge Brenneke Tactical Home Defense Slugs. Finding adequate home defense ammo in 20 gauge is a lot harder than finding equivalent ammo for the 12 gauge.


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  2. As someone who has a safe full of rifles, who has tinkered as an M-14 gunsmith, and who has a house full of pistols, I'd be interested on your take on the advantages and disadvantages of the different gauges for shotguns. I've been looking at the Ithaca 37 and the local pawn shop has a 12ga and a 20ga (although I think their prices might be a little high).