Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Already Begging For Money

I'll bet you thought it was the NRA-ILA asking for money after what they spent on this election. No, it's not them but throw them a few bucks anyway.

Actually, the Brady Campaign who sent out an email soliciting donations early this afternoon.
Dear (fill in the blank) ,

This is a hard day for so many of us, for our movement and for our nation.

Although we are incredibly disappointed that a candidate who ran his campaign on a message of hate, violence, intimidation, and fear will be the next President of the United States, that won’t stop us from fighting with everything we’ve got for the safer America we all want and deserve. Trump's election isn’t the end of that fight. It's just the beginning.

Of course, we can’t ignore the victories our movement experienced in this election. We made progress in states where we put the issue to the people, and in some key races across the country where candidates ran on a platform of stopping gun violence -- but we’ve got a lot of work to do together.

By donating today, you can send Donald Trump and the new Republican Congress a message that their opposition to lifesaving gun reform won’t fly. Your donation of just $5 today is an investment in the future of our movement, and will ensure we don’t lose ground over the next four years.

Thanks for all you do,

Dan Gross


The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
 They included a picture of Hillary Clinton from her concession speech and her exhortation to keep fighting for what you believe in. This is America and you should continue to fight for your beliefs. However, as President Obama said at the White House today, the election was like an intramural game and now that it is over we are all Americans. That message has not sunk into the Brady Campaign.

I guess if I were them I'd be a little disappointed, too. I mean the Second Amendment will be protected and a new justice or two (or three) on the Supreme Court might actually force the lower courts to stop blowing off the Heller and McDonald decisions.

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