Monday, November 7, 2016

This Election, Make Your Vote a #GUNVOTE!

To extend Larry Keane's argument even further, even if you do live in a state that will go overwhelmingly for either Hillary or Trump, you still may be able to impact gun rights.

Take for example both California and Washington State. There is no way in hell that Trump will win either state. However, both have ballot initiatives that will restrict gun rights. In California, it is Prop 63 which outlaws standard cap magazines, requires a background check for ammo purchases, and creates an ammo registry. In Washington State, it is Initiative 1491 which would allow the police, family, or household members to get a court order to take your firearms if " the person poses a significant danger, including danger as a result of a dangerous mental health crisis or violent behavior."

If you live in either Nevada or Maine, then you know you have ballot initiatives that would mandate universal background checks. These are both being paid for by Bloomberg and his money.

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