Thursday, April 27, 2017

Is The Republican Majority In NC Using Democrat Roy Cooper For Cover On Gun Rights?

As the alert from Grass Roots North Carolina states below, the Republicans have held a veto-proof majority in both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly for the last three sessions. It seems that they are more interested in who can use a public restroom than in protecting an enumerated Constitutional right that is found in both the US and North Carolina Constitutions. It is time to say, "Get real!" and remind them that the reason many North Carolinians put them in office was to protect and enhance our fundamental right to self-protection which includes getting rid of the racially-inspired pistol purchase permit system.

From GRNC's alert:


NC Republicans are failing to support the Second Amendment, and you’ll never believe their excuse …

Since voters have given the GOP a veto-proof majority, three elections in a row, you might expect the Republicans to use the power we’ve vested in them to push the principles of a free republic; to fight for the recognition and protection of long-eroding gun rights, for example. Unfortunately, if you expected this you would be disappointed. Republicans have gone squishy on gun rights, and you’ll probably be perplexed by their excuse.

Anti-gun Governor is Calling the Shots for Republicans
Republicans have cited a likely “veto from Governor Cooper” as a reason to sell out gun owners. They think they don’t have the votes to override a veto. So, like true RINOs, the legislative actions the House majority are willing to take are predicated on one thought: “what would Governor Cooper do?”

Entire GOP Caucus Running Cover for RINOs
There is no reason that House leaders and committee chairs can’t see these bills to the House floor for a recorded vote and simply let the votes fall where they may. Then why won’t they? It’s simple. If they were unable to pass a particular pro-gun bill, or were unable to override Gov. Cooper’s veto, the squishy, anti-gun RINOs who caused the failure would be exposed for what they are—Pro-gun in Name Only. To keep these softer Republicans from being exposed, the entire caucus is covering for them by hoisting the white flag without a fight. This of course makes all of them complicit in the anti-gun charade.

A Ray of Hope
Although it is thin gruel, Rep. Chris Millis (R-Onslow, Pender) did indeed attach a fiscal note to pro-gun legislation. The fiscal note means that a bill isn't required to meet the fast approaching crossover deadline in order to remain viable. That gives gun rights supporters more time to contact Republican representatives to ask them why Governor Cooper is running the Republican Party, and insist Republicans get in gear and push through these important pro-Second Amendment bills.

Email and Call – Every Day
Please email and phone the Republican sellouts every day. Below, under ‘Immediate Action Required’ and ‘Deliver This Message,’ see how you can easily do this. Republican politicians have banded together to sell you out, and they’re on the cusp of making it official. The Republicans need to know that you are aware of this, and you’re not going to stand for it. They also need to know that you expect them to revive the gun legislation they’re trying to kill and get it to the floor for a vote. This message, from gun owners like you, who gave them their House seats, must be hammered home—daily.

If House Republicans are going to stand as a group against gun owners, they will be held accountable as a group.


  • EVERY DAY, PLEASE PHONE YOUR NC REPRESENTATIVE AND THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. Use the Speaker’s phone number provided below, and the link provided to find your representative.
    Speaker Moore:  919-733-3451

    Click here to find your representative and get his or her phone number (or go to:

    Ask them why, as the super-majority party, they are basing legislative decisions on our anti-gun governor’s platform, and why they've ceded power to him without a fight. Gov. Cooper should not be running the Republican Party.

    Tell them you are aware that pro-gun legislation is still alive, and insist that they get it to the floor for a vote. If the Republican Caucus is going to stand as a group with Governor Cooper, then gun owners will hold them accountable as a group.

  • PLEASE EMAIL THE NC REPUBLICAN CAUCUS EVERY DAY. Use the copy paste email lists(s) and the copy/paste email text provided below under ‘Deliver This Message.’
House Republican Caucus copy/paste email *list(s):;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

*Spam filters or email program limitations may cause the need to send more than one email, to cover the entire list of representatives. If so, the list above is split into pieces, for your convenience.

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