Monday, February 19, 2018

Celebrating The Important Things

While I didn't tune out entirely this weekend from social media and the news, I also didn't dwell on it excessively. I had more important things to do.

Things like watch little kids scramble all over the place at Kaeideum in Winston-Salem. It is a children's science museum with tons of hands-on activities.

Things like being there as Olivia had her third birthday party.

Things like going out to dinner with Granny Karen and Papaw Jeff as we all watched the birthday girl eat lamb gyros and french fries fed to her by the Complementary Spouse.

There will be time today and tomorrow and the weeks afterwards to figure out why a 19 year-old who had lost his parents, who had been bullied and ostracized, who had mental problems, who had been expelled from a high school went back to that school and killed as many as he did. There will also be time to investigate why the FBI dropped the ball on this guy. And the fight against those who would roll in the blood of the victims in order to curtail our civil rights will continue as always.

As for this weekend, it was for Olivia and family.

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