Thursday, February 22, 2018

Quote Of The Day - Editorial Version

Jim Shepherd of The Outdoor Wire had an interesting editorial today discussing the latest earnings report from Ruger along with some recent pronouncements from President Trump. After discussing the earnings report, he noted that much of the good news and bad news for the firearms industry seem to tied to President Trump.

He continues:
That’s because his announcement earlier this week that he wants a ban on bump fire stocks and other devices that increase the rate-of-fire of AR-style rifles is viewed as a politician, once again, throwing gun right supporters under the bus after wooing their support to get elected.

Indeed, candidate Trump and later President Trump could be characterized, at least until Tuesday’s announcement, as having a simple message for gun owners: “we will never, never, never infringe on our Second Amendment Rights.”

Now it may seem that our definitions on what Second Amendment protections really mean may differ significantly. For most Second Amendment supporters, any additional regulations on guns are beyond the pale. In fact, many gun rights groups have already begun to spread the word they will seek legal remedies should Attorney General Sessions make a move to place restrictions on either bump stocks or binary style triggers.

Seems a fight with the man gun owners helped put in the White House is brewing over gun rights. If that happens, Mr. Trump may learn that formerly ardent supports make the most fierce opponents.

Like Trump, gun owners don’t easily forgive- or forget- a betrayal.

We’ll keep you posted.
 Jim's absolutely correct. Instead of kow-towing to a bunch of people that never supported him and never will support him, Mr. Trump needs to remember just who put him over the top in the battleground states. It sure as hell wasn't members of Moms Demand Action.


  1. Politicians have historically forgotten who brung them to the dance. President Trump would do well to check with Tennessee's former senator, Jim Sasser. See

  2. @LM That is certainly true of Republican politicians. Democrat politicians don't seem to have that problem to anywhere near the same extent.

  3. Remember, after the muslim terrorist attack on the gay nightclub? Trump made noises about banning people on the "terror watchlist" from buying guns. And then he stopped.

    E-mail Trump NOW and be polite:

  4. It is good everyone is making alot of noise on this to keep people honest, but I am not tossing trump out yet... neil gorsuch? Also, Trump is a deal maker, and he never gives anything without getting his share back... his immigration deal, for instance... give dems more than they claim to want (daca plus) but ties it to the wall, chain migration, and the immigration lottery. The dems arent going for it, but trump owns the highground from the offer.. he offered them what they want and they stonewalled... that will provde alot of mid term election fodder (and removes their issue).. imagine if daca collapses (also a win, in my opinion) and the dems get blamed..... stay tuned... what if in our case for giving up a piece of plastic, nick is fixed, gun free zones were hardened with trained armed teachers/ military, and i dont know, maybe tie it with carry resiprosity and/or hearing protectionhearing protection... if the dems renig, then NOTHING happens... another piece of election fodder (they did it)... if it becomes law, we get alot... scream now to be heard, but if we lose trump, senate, and house, then it wont be just bump stocks... dont cut off your nose to spite your face... i dont think this guy will let us down.