Wednesday, February 28, 2018

GRNC Alert - Call The White House Comment Line

I'm not sure given what we've been hearing out of President Donald Trump's mouth if this is too late or not. Nonetheless, it is important to go on record and make the call.

From GRNC:


The recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida, underscores the continued failure of "gun-free" zones. Creating target-rich environments, and then relying on government ineptitude to "secure" those environments has proven time and time again to be a recipe for failure. Unfortunately, the anti-gun movement is seizing this moment (as they do with every other tragedy) to push an agenda that will turn your Constitutionally-protected right into a narrowly carved out privilege.

Grass Roots North Carolina stands firm with Gun Owners of America,who recently noted that "If President Donald Trump’s goal is to ban bump stocks, then that is a gross infringement of Second Amendment rights. GOA has long warned that such a ban can easily be applied to triggers, magazines, or semi-automatic firearms."

It is critical that we remind President Trump that pro-gun voters like you elected him to stand firmly in support of the Second Amendment!


    • SIGN OUR PETITION: Please visit our website at to sign our petition to President Trump to stand firmly with the Second Amendment, and to oppose the latest round of corporate-funded gun-grabbing hysteria.

    • PHONE AND EMAIL THE WHITE HOUSE: Let's light up the White House switchboards and remind them that pro-Second Amendment voters like you voted for President Trump for a reason. The phone number is 202-456-1111 and the email link is

  • DONATE TO GRNC: Unlike the billionaires that create astroturf gun control lobbies, Grass Roots North Carolina is run by volunteers and funded by people like you; regular, law-abiding Americans that value their rights and freedoms. Please consider making a donation to GRNC by visiting this link:


Hello. I am calling to tell President Trump that, as a law-abiding gun owner, I oppose any of the gun control efforts currently being discussed. This includes banning bump stocks or any other devices to modify rate of fire, raising the minimum age of any firearms purchases, or the expansion of any "gun free zones" that continually put our citizens at risk. Thank you for your time.

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