Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Foster Parents In Illinois Sought As Plaintiffs In 2A Lawsuit

Illinois Carry is seeking foster parents in Illinois as plaintiffs in a Second Amendment lawsuit. I'm guessing it will be similar to the recent lawsuit in Michigan. In that case, a Michigan foster parent sued the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services over a requirement that firearms and ammunition to constantly locked and inaccessible. A Federal judge said the suit should be allowed to proceed.

From Illinois Carry:
Are You An IL Foster Parent?

Are You Willing To Be A Witness/Co-Plaintiff In A Second Amendment Lawsuit?

Please contact IllinoisCarry spokesperson Valinda Rowe immediately by sending an email to:

Valinda Rowe has done incredible work in the Prairie State in advancing the cause of armed self-defense.

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  1. I once was a foster home licensing supervisor for the state of michigan. Foster parents were actively discouraged from having firearms and have seen licensing workers tell prospective foster parents that they couldnt be licensed if they posessed firearms.