Thursday, September 27, 2018

Will Kavanaugh Be Found Unmutual?

I saw this posted this morning on MeWe by Kevin Z. Williamson. The more I watched it, the more I thought The Prisoner was way ahead of its time and that it was a preview of what we might see today from certain members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Will Judge Kavanaugh be found to be disharmonious? Will he be deemed unmutual? Will DiFi remember to wear her top hat and stripes?


  1. Come November if we as a country vote incorrectly we will slide a lot more toward what that video is showing and telling us.

  2. It's quite obvious to me that the country is ready to fission into at least two distinct political entities, and these entities have very little in common with each other as far as goals, values, the meaning of words, and what are the Central State subsidiary States or the individual and family neighborhood and local community determine what you're allowed to think, possess do and be. And it does not look to be an amicable separation either.