Monday, April 29, 2019

Cracks In The Appearance Of Unanimity

Lt. Col. Allen West, USA (Ret), former Congressman from Florida and a NRA Board Member, put out this tweet a little over an hour ago. Mind you that the release put out by the American Rifleman and elsewhere was that the Board unanimously elected the new officers, reelected Wayne LaPierre as EVP, and re-appointed the rest of the Executive Team.

Hmmm. Unanimous you say?

 We recorded a special episode of The Polite Society Podcast tonight to discuss the NRA Annual Meeting, the Board Meeting, and the Meeting of the Members on Saturday. Our guest was Jeff Knox of The Firearm Coalition. One thing that Jeff brought up was that he wouldn't be surprised to see some of the celebs on the board bailing upon the advice of their attorneys. Given the strictness of NY law and the mandate that directors actually direct, I'm just glad to be a peon and not a board member.


  1. Wouldn't be a bad thing to have celebs leave the board. That would open up slots for folks who actually care about the association, are shooters, and who might actually show up for the meetings.

    1. Agreed. For example, I'm sure Karl Malone was a great basketball player. However, from what I understand he has NEVER attended a meeting and hasn't even been sworn in as a member of the Board of Directors. Nonetheless, the Nominating Committee actually renominates him for a seat on the Board. It's ridiculous!