Monday, April 1, 2019

Town Hall In Charlotte On Wednesday

Spectrum News is holding a town hall in Charlotte this coming Wednesday, April 3rd, to view a documentary entitled "Gun Violence and Gun Control in the Carolinas". This will be followed by a discussion period with those attending the town hall. I think you can reasonably expect the gun prohibitionist lobby to be there in full force wearing their Bloomberg-provided red shirts.

Grass Roots North Carolina is reaching out to those who can be in Charlotte on Wednesday evening to attend. If you live in Charlotte, a surrounding county, or even in South Carolina, and you value your constitutional rights, it would be useful to attend.

GRNC released this alert on the event:


Spectrum News is airing a documentary on the “state of gun violence and gun control in the Carolinas,” then hosting a town hall meeting immediately afterward…

Join GRNC’s President at a Town Hall 
F. Paul Valone, GRNC’s President, will be one of the few (if not the only) pro-gun-rights member of the panel at Spectrum’s town hall discussion. Fortunately, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel. That’s where you come in. The gun rights community needs you to be there to ask reasonable questions, those that will not get asked if only the anti-gun crowd is in attendance.

Help End the Echo Chamber
If you are in the Charlotte area (or can be) on Wednesday, April 3rd, at 7:30 pm, please join Paul Valone along with other GRNC supporters to help make sure this town hall meeting is conducted in a fair-minded fashion, and therefore, actually has a chance to be productive, and not just an echo chamber for the anti-gun crowd.

Below you’ll find details about the town hall meeting. Your attendance is needed, so please do join us. If you are indeed going to be there, please email GRNC’s Director of Development to let us know:



    This Wednesday, April 3rd, this town hall meeting will immediately follow the 8:00 pm documentary on “Gun Violence and Gun Control in the Carolinas.” It’s best if you arrive in time to watch the documentary so you can secure a seat, and the program will surely offer context for the discussion. Arrive by 7:30 if you can.

    You ought to have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel. GRNC can provide you with appropriate questions, those that will mesh with the specifics discussed in the documentary, and particular topics to be discussed by the panel.

    Spectrum News has stated that they would like to “shine a light on feasible ways to prevent gun violence without infringing on Second Amendment rights or interfering with law-abiding citizens or hunters who would never use a gun to commit a crime.”

    The address for the meeting is below. If you can attend, please inform GRNC’s Director of Development as soon as possible so we know you’re coming. This will make it easier for us to touch base with you before or at the meeting. Use this email address: 
MEETING LOCATION:  Spectrum News Studios
316 East Morehead Street
Charlotte, NC  28202 
MEETING DATE/TIME: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Please arrive by 7:30 pm 

Documentary at 8:00 pm
Town Hall immediately follows
Email GRNC ahead of time (as soon as you can) to let us know you’re going to attend: If you’d like, GRNC can provide you with questions to ask the panel.
Arrive early (7:30 or earlier) to allow for parking and to make sure you get a seat. 
Please dress for the press. Kindly dress professionally, with no inflammatory slogans or symbols on clothing.

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