Saturday, April 27, 2019

Letter To The NRA Board Drafted By Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson, attorney, firearms instructor, and legal studies instructor, has drafted a letter to the NRA Board of Directors regarding a resolution that was discussed in the Meeting of the Members Saturday. The resolution calling for the resignation of Wayne LaPierre and the members of the Audit Committee was referred to the Board of Directors after much discussion and quite a bit of contention.

Tiffany has made a modest proposal that allows the matter to be discussed within the confines of the Board of Directors yet removes the appearance of impropriety and conflicts of interest. The key paragraph states:
I have a humble suggestion to help avoid public airing of private business while also quelling further cries of impropriety. When the Board addresses this resolution, I request that any Board member, officer, or staff member who has a personal, financial, or fiduciary interest in, or fidelity to, Ackerman McQueen (or its subsidiary and affiliate companies) — as an employee, contractor, paid consultant, vendor, client, etc. — be required to recuse himself/herself from discussing or voting on this resolution. That way, regardless of how the Board ultimately disposes of the resolution, at least the result will be less vulnerable to accusations of ethically dubious entanglements.
This is a sensible suggestion.

You can read the full letter at this link.

If you would like to sign on to this letter - and I have already done so - please email with your name and membership type (Annual, Life, Endowment Life, etc.) Don't wait to sign on to the letter as it needs to be delivered ASAP and the Board itself will meet on Monday.


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  2. Gun Culture 2.0 has another letter sent to the BOD of NRA up today.