Friday, August 2, 2019

He's Right, You Know

Colion Noir is now on his own again. He put up a YouTube video yesterday correctly asserting that the Second Amendment is bigger than identity politics. I agree with him and thinks he makes excellent points in this video.

However, I do want to know what is a Pina Colada gender. LOL!


  1. I am gratified to see that at least one of the Ack-Mac-groomed NRA TV "stars" still genuinely cares enough about the subject of freedom to continue to promote it when he's not being a "paid actor." I'm similarly disappointed to see that other "stars" such as Dana Loesch has entirely "moved on" to narrating informercials for probiotic beet juice or whatever.

    1. Cam Edwards is editor of and hosts "Cam & Co" as a daily one-hour show on YouTube.