Friday, August 2, 2019

What A Classy Broad

In reading the various stories that covered the resignation of NRA Directors Tim Knight, Sean Maloney, and Esther Schneider, I missed this little tidbit in the Washington Post until just a few minutes ago.

Board member Marion Hammer, who lobbies on behalf of the NRA in Florida, on Thursday wrote in a text message to The Post her reaction to the departing board members: “Don’t let the door hit you in the back on your way out.

She said the trio “made a treacherous attempt to overthrow leadership and lost, now they’re unhappy nobody trusts them and doesn’t want them on committees where they can continue to disrupt the organization.”

What Marion the Cat Lady really means when she says "treacherous attempt to overthrow leadership" is that their call for an independent investigation into the finances of the NRA was a threat to her quarter million dollar annual payment for "consulting and lobbying services." According to the report submitted by NRA Secretary John Frazer at the 2019 NRA Meeting of Members, the amount for 2018 was $270,000. This was in addition to the $110,000 she was paid by the Unified Sportsmen of Florida to serve as their executive director.

"Don't worry Fluffy. Mama Marion will protect your catnip money"


  1. While she's at it why not write a letter to Tish James telling her to go F herself?