Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The AHSA and Bloggers

AHSA, the American Hunters and Shooters Association, the anti-gun front group was called to task by the bloggers on the Days of our Trailers blog. AHSA was asked if they were such a "pro-gun" group why didn't they submit an amicus brief in the McDonald case.

Their response was that they filed one but it was not "publically published" and would be released "post decision". Obviously, they were using the Dean Wormer (of Animal House fame) "double secret" type of brief.

When called on this, they got testy.
Good sir, please refrain from writing me or I will report you to the local authorities for harassment.
It reminds one of those e-mail letters you get on behalf of deposed Nigerian rulers. That really isn't fair to the Nigerian scammers as all they are after is your money whereas the AHSA seeks to give cover to politicians who would violate your Constitutional rights.

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