Saturday, July 17, 2010

Would Harry Reid Sacrifice Elena Kagan to Get Re-Elected?

I've written about Elena Kagan and her confirmation hearings in the past here and here.

Now comes a story from the American Thinker by Rosslyn Smith that makes the suggestion that Harry Reid could conceivably scuttle the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court in order to save his Senate seat. Harry Reid is in for the fight of his political life with Sharon Angle in Nevada. He even has former supporters reaching out from the grave to urge voters to vote against him.

The complicating factor for Reid is that the National Rifle Association has made Kagan's confirmation a  "scored" vote.  Smith notes that:
The NRA's making this a scored vote for their endorsement greatly complicates matters for Democrat Senators defending seats in Arkansas, Colorado, Washington and Wisconsin. Like House Democrats and the deficit ballooning budget that was deemed to be passed, they probably wish the matter would just go away.
Smith argues that Reid is the master of killing a nomination while appearing to move it forward. He did this to Amb. John Bolton and made Majority Leader Bill Frist look the fool in the process. She concludes her article:
It could happen. The wimpiest of the Republicans are also from rural states where gun control is anathema. NRA members could influence them even if there inclination is to give the President his nominee. This time as Majority Leader Reid would be the one looking like a fool for not counting heads ahead of time, but if he thought it would help save his seat? Looking like a fool has seldom been an issue for Harry Reid.
I've written my Senators - one a Democrat and the other a Republican. Have you?

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