Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pistol Ammo Reloading Cost Calculator has released an alpha version of a calculator which lets you calculate the cost of reloading your pistol ammo. I've played with it and it seems to work OK. I'm not sure how the recovery cost portion of the calculator works.

The calculator was developed by Robb Allen of the Sharp As a Marble blog.

H/T to Rob of the Personal Armament Podcast for the link

UPDATE: Robb explained the Recovery Costs for me. In his words,
The Recovery Costs section indicates how many rounds you would need to load in order to justify a cost. For example, I want to purchase a new barrel for the Glock that lets me shoot lead. Running the numbers for JHP's, I get 50 rnds for $14. Lead bullets run $11.50 for 50.

I set the reloading items up for lead, then put $105 for the Item Cost in Recovery Costs, $14 per 50 in Ammo Cost, and see that I would need to shoot 2100 rounds before the cost savings paid for the new barrel.

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