Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Sure This is Texas?

The Dallas Morning News ran a story today about a proposal in Carrollton, TX to prohibit gun stores from opening near liquor and certain other stores. Carrollton is a suburb of Dallas.

The Carrollton City Council heard from residents who were upset when Big Slim's Guns opened for business in a mini-mall that also contains a liquor store. The controversy was started by an email sent to residents of the Highland Neighborhood Association by its president, Steve Babick. Mr. Babick said the opposition to Big Slim's was "fear of the unknown" and suggested that the owner, Jack Kendall, speak at a future neighborhood association.

In response to the "concern" shown by residents, Councilman Terry Simons proposed a new ordinance "that would restrict future gun shops from opening near liquor stores and certain other retail establishments." The ordinance will be discussed at a future Council meeting.

The co-owner of Big Slim's, Jack Kendall, is none too happy about being treated "like strip clubs." Kendall vowed to fight the ordinance and predicted it wouldn't go anywhere. If it is approved, the Texas State Rifle Association has said they will fight it.

In defense of his proposed ordinance, Councilman Simons said:
During a break in the meeting, Simons defended his proposal. Big Slim's posed a potential threat to public safety, he said, pointing to numerous burglaries and a deadly shooting that took place near the mini mall in recent years.
A threat to public safety? Who is he trying to kid? Gun stores have some of the stoutest security of any retail establishment with CCTV systems, iron bars over the windows, security gates, and vaults for the firearms when closed.

At this same meeting, the Council passed laws against herbs used as intoxicants such as K2 and salvia. This passed without any discussion. Given that, you'd expect more concern about a liquor store than a gun store.

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