Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kachalsky v. Cacace Pre-Motion Conference Today (bumped)

Judge Kathy Seibel's pre-motion conference on the proposed motions to dismiss from Westchester County and the State of New York as well as the proposed counter-motion by the plaintifs is scheduled for 2:15pm this afternoon (Sept. 7th) in White Plains, NY. Judge Seibel requires an informal pre-motion conference before she allows formal motions to be introduced in her court.

The letters from all parties are discussed in detail here.

As soon as any details emerge, I'll be posting them.

UPDATE:  After checking for any word on the hearing, I finally emailed Alan Gura about it. In his email response, he notes that the hearing was mostly "ordinary housekeeping"and setting the briefing schedule - the normal stuff that goes on in any case. There will be cross-motions produced and filed. These will appear in in time.

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