Sunday, September 5, 2010

"I know you're mad at Congress, and so am I."

Congressman Heath Shuler is running the ad above. He is the "Blue Dog" Democrat who represents much of western North Carolina including me. He isn't a bad sort but he has never impressed me as the sharpest knife in the drawer either. While he did vote against ObamaCare and is pro-gun, he has voted for cap-and-trade and the union-backed card-check. He rationalized the latter by saying he had been a union member. The union in question was the NFL Player's Association.

In the beginning of the ad, Heath seriously intones, "I know you're mad at Congress, and so am I." However, when you begin to think about it you say to yourself, "Hey, wait a minute, you ARE a Congressman. You're mad at yourself?"

I call this the Heath Shuler self-loathing campaign ad.

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  1. He wasn't a bad feetball player, either. I guess this is a slightly better gig than automobile dealership owner.