Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brady Center on Andrew Traver

This was released yesterday by the gun control lobby aka the Brady Center:

Brady Center Applauds Obama Administration Nomination of ATF Director

Nov 16, 2010

Washington, D.C. - The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence today applauded the Obama Administration’s announcement that a director has been nominated to oversee the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). If confirmed, Andrew Traver - currently Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago office of the ATF- would be the agency’s first full-fledged director since 2006.

“We are pleased that President Obama is moving forward with a nominee to lead the ATF. This long-needed appointment is welcome news,” said Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Center.

In August, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence issued a report calling on President Obama to name a director to the nation’s top law enforcement agency.

“Three months ago, we urged the President to fill this crucial position,” said Helmke. “This job was left vacant at a time when thousands of Americans were being shot, illegal gun trafficking from here was fueling violence in Mexico, and extremists were turning to guns to wage terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, the director-less ATF had been weakened by understaffing and a serious lack of modern crime-fighting tools.”

If confirmed, Traver would be taking over an agency that is “under siege” by the gun lobby and its allies in Congress. The National Rifle Association and the gun industry are supporting legislation - the misnamed ATF “Reform and Firearms Modernization” Act - that would dramatically weaken ATF’s ability to even further shut down corrupt gun dealers and stop gun traffickers.

“Past ATF directors have been crucial advocates for strong law enforcement authority to combat gun trafficking and gun violence. They have spoken publicly, testified before Congress, and advocated within their Administrations about the need for strong gun laws,” continued Helmke. “If Mr. Traver is confirmed, we are hopeful that he will be a strong voice for the strengthening and effective enforcement of our gun laws.”
I wonder when we will be hearing from Andy Traver's old friends Kristen Rand and Tom Diaz of the Violence Policy Center or are they planning to keep that on the "down low."

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