Monday, November 29, 2010

Golden Moose Awards - Go Vote (updated)

If you have been around the gun community for more than say 10 minutes, you know who Michael Bane is. He has a whole host of shows on the Outdoor Channel, puts out one of the best weekly gun podcasts around, is a fellow gun blogger, and an all around raconteur of the gun culture.

The Outdoor Channel "for whom he labors" as Michael would say, is having their 11th annual Golden Moose Awards which are fan based. His shows like Shooting Gallery and the Best Defense: Survival are not eligible for these awards as he is an employee of the Outdoor Channel. However, Michael is eligible to win the award in the Fan Favorite - Host/Personality category.

I'd love to see a fellow gun blogger win this prize. You can vote for him by going to the link below:

If he wins, he promises to throw a big party for everyone in the gun culture! With plenty of free ammo for everyone!

Just kidding, Michael. And thanks for the encouragement you gave me at the NRA Annual Meeting in Charlotte to start this blog as I approach my 400th post.

UPDATE: Tam and SayUncle both have reminder posts to go vote. Tam makes a great point about Best New Show and she will be doing some future work for S.W.A.T. Magazine.


  1. I will vote, but it baffles me how my basic package includes the Lesbian Channel, Five flavors of MTV,Cable News Channels with viewership of 25,000 in primetime (none of which I watch or even cruise anymore,it is just too lame)but I have to pay top tier premium prices to get Outdoor Channel. (Which I refuse). (So, apparently, does Frank W. James)

    If Bane wants to leap tall buildings in a single bound, figure out a way to get the great armed masses into a DVR recorder environment and watch the sales figures go through the roof!

    Just sayin.....

    In Liberty,

  2. @johnjacobh - As I am the original neo-Luddite when it comes to TV, I don't have cable or satellite at home. However, when I visit the Complementary Spouse, I get my TV fix. Explains why I have arthritis in the thumb!

    I agree with you on the packages, though. I might get a dish if I could just pick what I wanted ala carte style.