Sunday, November 28, 2010

CT Again Gun Violence - Blame the Gun, Not the Person

If you listen to these videos, it is clear that instead of blaming the person committing the crime, the organizers of Connecticut Against Gun Violence and My Brother's Keeper prefer to blame the gun. After all, it is easier to blame an inanimate object for the problem rather than a living, breathing, (supposedly) thinking human being.

The videos in the New Haven Register are not able to be embedded. Instead go here and you can also read the unquestioning story that goes along with it.

One thing the story points out is that Connecticut has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the United States. If ultra-strict laws aren't working, what sort of illogic propels CAGV and My Brother's Keeper to keep asking for even more laws?

H/T Cam Edwards


  1. I guess that CT Against Gun Violence missed the Joan Peterson memo that said murderers don't have prior criminal records since they are killing people they know.

    watch the second video and see the spokesman tell us the truth for once.

  2. The same people that want to ban guns "for the children" are the ones that claim a Constitutional right to kill all the unborn babies they want.