Thursday, February 3, 2011

About That Gunshow Loophole

Andrew at Vuurwapen Blog has a very interesting post today entitled "There is nothing special about a gun show". Given that he is in Arizona and Mayor Bloomberg is trying to regulate Arizona gun shows even though New York City is 2500 miles away, it points out some interesting things that the media seems to forget.
Bloomberg’s stunt, less than a month after the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, does raise an interesting question, at least to me. Why do anti-gun activists, such as Bloomberg, continue to focus on “issues” such as gun shows after mass shootings – when murderers like Loughner, Cho, and Hasan all purchased their firearms legally, undergoing background checks?

We were told when the 4473 came into effect that background checks would protect the innocent – why do they regularly fail to prevent homicidal maniacs from legally acquiring firearms? Given the abject failure of past anti-gun legislation at doing anything but preventing law abiding citizens from acquiring firearms, ammunition, and accessories, why should we believe that “just” closing this “loophole” – or “just” taking away “those” magazines – will have any real effect?
Read the whole blog post. I'd also suggest putting the Vuurwapen Blog on your list of daily reads. Andrew has some of the best info out there on AR's among other things.

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