Thursday, February 17, 2011

South Carolina Considers Constitutional Carry

Rep. Mike Pitts of Laurens, a former Greenville police officer, has introduced House Bill 3292 which would make South Carolina the newest state to authorize constitutional carry.

In addition to Rep. Pitts, the bill has 37 co-sponsors. The SC House Judiciary Committee held hearings on the bill today. According to an article in The State, the bill has been delayed due to amendments meant to improve the law.
"It's unfortunate that that there's so much in this bill that needs to be fixed," said Robert Butler, a lobbyist for South Carolina GrassRoots GunRights, which asked for more than a dozen amendments.

But state Rep. Thad Viers, a Myrtle Beach Republican, said many amendments would doom the bill to reduce the need to get a concealed weapons permit.

"It gives us time to make corrections - necessary corrections," said state Rep. Mike Pitts, a Laurens Republican. "I have no problem with us taking the time to make sure we get it right."
Just like when Arizona was passing constitutional carry, a concealed carry instructor who feels his livelihood is in danger has come out against the change. Ted Landreth of Shooterszone Tactical makes the usual - but erroneous - comparison to getting a driver's license and the need for training. The difference is that driving is not an enumerated constitutional right. I would wager that those instructors in Arizona who supported constitutional carry have all the business they can handle.

UPDATE: House Bill 3292 was approved unanimously by the SC State House Judiciary General Laws subcommittee on Feb. 24th. It now goes to the full Judiciary Committee. Three more members also requested to added to the list of co-sponsors for the bill.


  1. I don't know if South Carolina will be next or not, Wyoming has a pretty good head start; the Wyoming House has already passed HB 113, their constitutional carry bill, and sent it to the Senate.

    Also, Colorado has just introduced a constitutional carry bill.

    AlanR -

  2. If constitutional carry is passed it seems to me people will stll have the same obligations as the folks who CCW. Trainers will probably get more business if folks are smart.

  3. Ted Landreth isn't thinking past his pocketbook. It's really hard to sympathize with someone who exhibits the same mindset as a career politician, "My paycheque is more important to me than are your rights."

    The Constitution specifically states, "... SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." All of us should establish and maintain an acceptable level of responsibility when it comes to the keeping and bearing of arms, or for that matter the keeping and bearing of any tool that has a potential of misuse. Unfortunately, some people won't. There are plenty of laws on the books that address those irresponsible people, regardless of the tool they choose to misuse.