Thursday, February 3, 2011

Interesting Day At Work

I do primarily retirement planning in my day job. Today I was at one of my favorite groups doing reviews. The executive director, his son, and I always end up talking hunting, dogs, and guns in addition to their finances and preparation for retirement.

Today was no different. After talking about their pheasant hunting trip to Kansas and their snow goose hunt on Maryland's Eastern Shore, AP said I needed to talk to "A" because her husband was a competitive shooter. Competitive is an understatement. Clint Upchurch is tied for first on the 3-Gun Nation Tour.

This is one of the beauties of my job. I have known Clint's mother-in-law for about 10 years and had met his wife previously. I never knew until today about Clint. Who knows - maybe I'll get a chance to go down to South Carolina to watch him train. If so, there will be a blog post about that.

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