Saturday, March 26, 2011

Move Over Tiger Moms

And make way for Irish Setter Dads!

P. J. O'Rourke says he is an Irish Setter Dad  in The Weekly Standard.
I just wasn’t cut out to be a Chinese Tiger Mom. I’m more of an Irish Setter Dad. Here are some of the things my daughters, Muffin and Poppet, and my son, Buster, were never allowed to do:

• go to Mass naked

• attend a sleepover at Charlie Sheen’s house

• mix Daddy a martini using sweet vermouth

• play the violin within earshot of me

Have you ever heard a kid learning to play the violin? A cat in the microwave is nothing to it. And let me add an addendum to the things my children were never allowed to do​—​put a cat in the microwave. I’m not saying it didn’t happen; I’m just saying they weren’t allowed to do it.
If you are a parent and feeling you'll never measure up to Amy Chua's Tiger Mom, just read O'Rourke and you'll feel better. Or have your spouse and kids rolling their eyes because you are laughing at the computer again.

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