Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Serious Rebuttal To Colin Goddard

By now most people have heard the name Colin Goddard. Many people also know that he was one of the students shot by the deranged student at Virginia Tech. Many also know that he is now a paid staff member of the Brady Campaign with the title of Assistant Director of Federal Legislation.

The New York Daily News called Goddard a "walking, talking poster boy for gun control" while discussing his movie "Living for 32." I didn't realize until I read that article that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's sister, Maria Cuomo Cole, was both the producer and financier of Goddard's movie.

Michael Bane is his Down Range Radio podcast last week provided a serious examination and rebuttal to Colin Goddard. Goddard is now touring the country promoting "sensible gun control". As Michael notes, we seem in this country to confer special rights and status to those who are "victims".

Goddard has said when the gunman came to his classroom that he and his fellow students "didn't know what to do". As Michael rightly points out, "Which sensible gun law protects you when you are cowering under your desk?"

While you can listen to the whole podcast on the embedded player below, the relevant part starts at the 32:06 mark and continues to the end. It is well worth a listen.

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