Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Say It Ain't So!

In news that will make any Glock fanboy happy, the GearScout blog is reporting rumors from IWA (the European equivalent of the SHOT Show) that the Swiss Army will be replacing their Pistole 75 (Sig 220) and Pistole 03 (SigPro 2022?) with Glock 17's and 19's.

I have no idea what this will mean for the Swiss armaments industry but they can't be too happy if they are being replaced by the Austrian-made Glock.

The Pistole 75 and Pistole 03 are pictured below.
Swiss Pistole 75
Swiss Pistole 03


  1. Hmm... I only hope they sell the used product to us here so I can get a P220 cheap. "Military Times" is a Gannett Company...had a GF who worked for them when USA-Today started-up in '81. She wrote a Financial News column and had a certain "McNews" perspective on the whole operation.

  2. @DirtCrashr: I agree about cheap P-220's! The Swiss do make good firearms. I have 4-5 K-31's. Some of the wood has taken a beating but the metal is still as well finished as they come for a military rifle.