Friday, May 20, 2011

Airline Merger News For Gunnies

The Wall Street Journal had a story yesterday on the issues that United Airlines and Continental Airlines are dealing with as they complete their merger. Important issues such as the color of baggage tags and how many bowling balls that may be checked are part of the discussion.

However, for gunnies who travel with guns or trophy hunters with an elk/moose/caribou rack, there was some important news.
Hunters' trophy antlers now will face United's size restrictions of 120 linear inches for cargo carriage. Continental had no limits. And passengers can check five guns—Continental's rule—instead of United's two-gun maximum. The company says there is no industry standard or compelling reason to justify United's limit.
Given Michael Bane's rant in his latest podcast about United Airlines and the way their Phoenix counter handles those traveling with firearms, I'm sure that he'll welcome the news that he now can have five guns when he travels. Whether or not it will cure the problems with the anti-gun sentiment at the United counter in Phoenix remains to be seen.

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