Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Kind Of Gun Shop

I am in Murphy, NC on business and ran across this wonderfully named gun shop. It was closed by the time I got here. With luck, I'll be able to drop in tomorrow. Just peeking in the window, it looks like a good store.

The name of the store is enough to put the gun prohibitionists into an apoplectic rage. Good!

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UPDATE: I got a chance to visit the gun shop this afternoon and speak with the owner. The shop has been open about a year and a half. Business is good enough that it supports his family and he can expand little by little which is good to hear. I asked the owner about the name and he said he did it to goad the anti's a bit. I like his sense of humor!

The shop has an interesting selection of older and new guns with more emphasis on the second-hand stuff. I saw an absolutely pristine Smith and Wesson M&P .38 Special revolver from the 1940s. They even have the original box that it came in. It had been put away in a closet and rarely shot.

If you are ever in Murphy, North Carolina stop in at Back Alley Arms. It is located about half a block from the center of town.


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