Sunday, May 15, 2011

Report On ATF Shotgun Study

Link at the Peace, Love, Ammunition blog has examined the 516 page document that purports to have ALL the comments received on their "Shotgun Study". While there are numerous problems with this document - including the publication of personal address information - the worst is what seems to be the deliberate omission of comments.

As Link notes about the comments he submitted:
I downloaded the poorly planned 516 page PDF and immediately searched for a distinct portion of my email address.  It was not found.  I know I submitted an email to the BATF on this matter, and I also knew that I had received an acknowledgment from the ATF confirming receipt of my email.

I searched and found their receipt email which I was initially going to post, but as I dug deeper into the rabbit hole it became less relevant.  Their receipt email was sent to me on 13 May 2011, which struck me as bizarre, since I knew I sent my response to their request for comment prior to attending the NRA Annual Meeting at the end of April 2011.  I searched my sent items and found that I had sent them my thoughts on their "study" on 8 April 2011.

Read the whole report which includes a link to the ATF released comments. The link to the study is below.

Peace, Love, And Ammunition: BATFE Shoutgun "Study": I Smelled A Rat

UPDATE: According to the ATF label on this file at their website, these are only the responses received up through March 6th.


  1. Mine wasn't included either, although I received the same email everyone else did as a receipt. Multiple searches for my name and my email turned up nothing.

  2. Mine was included, and I wrote both of my senators, and my representative, to complain about every bodies personal information being included. As I replied to the gentlemen that sent me an email and alerted me to this violation of privacy, I don't expect much of any of my congressmen, just as I don't expect that any of the letters will prevent this rouge agency from subverting The Constitution at every opportunity.