Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote On Illinois HB 148 - 65 to 32

The Illinois State Rifle Association just posted this on their Facebook page.
The bill failed to garner the necessary 71 votes, (65 Yea) and has been placed on postponed consideration. That means the bill is still active and is not dead.
I guess the good news is that it isn't dead. Still it would be nice to see Illinois join Free State status.

UPDATE: Thirdpower at Days of our Trailers has more on what went on today here. Also read the comments on the bill below from Randian and David Lawson.


  1. While it is technically not dead, I do not forsee the IL legislature acting as they should and actually passing the bill in order to force the governor to go on record as having vetoed it.

  2. 65-52-1, though likely closer to 70 as some bail when bills won't pass.

  3. Turns out we had 68 on the board when it became apparent it would fail. 3 jumped off at that time. We had other votes in our pocket including a vote from Otis McDonald's Rep (Davis) who promised but then turned coat due to pressure from Chicago.

    Also voting no were 3 Republicans and 2 downstate Democrats.

    So this was painfully close.