Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Is This Possible?

On Saturday, both during and after the traditional pre-season exhibition game between the San Francisco Forty-Niners and the Oakland Raiders, violence broke out. In addition to a brawl in the stands shown in the video below, two people were shot in the parking lot. One of the victims was shot multiple times in the stomach and is in the hospital in serious condition. It is reported by police that he was wearing a T-shirt that said "F*** the Niners".

There is some dispute over the police report about the man's T-shirt. According to story today in the San Francisco Chronicle:
The father of the victim shot in the abdomen said his son had described an out-of-control scene at the stadium.

"It was crazy out there," said the father, who was not at the game. He declined to be named and asked that his son not be identified.

He said his son is a 49ers fan, denying police reports over the weekend that the man had been wearing a "F- the 49ers" T-shirt. The son was driving in a pickup truck after the game, following a friend to make sure he got to his car safely, his father said.

People wearing Raiders garb attacked the friend before he got to the car and kicked him on the ground, the father said. When his son got out of the pickup to help, he said, someone shot him four times in the abdomen.

"My son got out, took two steps and heard boom, boom, boom," the father said. "He said he didn't realize it until it hurt. He stumbled back to his truck and drove to the front gate. He opened the door and told them, 'I think I'm dying.' "

He said his son, born and raised in San Francisco, is married and has a 10-month-old son.
If one listens to the drivel from the Violence Policy Center, concealed carry permit holders are prone to acts of violence.
In addition, the gun lobby has been successful at hiding the truth about crimes committed by concealed handgun permit holders by forcing most states to keep secret the identities of permit holders. As a result, until recently, the false claims made by pro-gun advocates regarding these "upstanding community leaders" have been left unchallenged.

In 2009, the Violence Policy Center began an ongoing research project to identify killings from May 2007 to the present involving citizens legally allowed to carry concealed handguns. Because detailed information on such killings is not readily available, the VPC is forced to rely primarily on news accounts for reports of such killings and subsequent legal proceedings.
If one makes the assumption that the shooters in the incidents are from the counties surrounding San Francisco Bay so as to take in fans of both the Niners and Raiders, just how many permit holders are we talking about?

Thanks to Brandon Combs of the CalGuns Foundation I have those numbers for 2010. If we look to the south of Candlestick, you have 101 permit holders in San Mateo County and 53 in Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley). If you look to the East Bay area, you have 11 permit holders in Contra Costa County and 75 in Alameda County (Oakland). Immediately to the north of San Francisco is Marin County with its 35 permit holders. Finally, in San Francisco itself you have one permit holder. That is correct - in a city and county of approximately 800,000 people you have one permit holder.

According to the gun prohibitionists, controlling permits and controlling firearms will reduce this sort of violence. So how is it possible to have two shootings at a stadium in a region with only 276 combined concealed carry permit? Using their logic, it is unpossible! Try telling that to the young father who is lying in San Francisco General with multiple gunshot wounds to the abdomen.


  1. VPC doesn't care as long as they can find some blood to dance in. I heard yesterday that now, these two teams are not going to be allowed to play each other in pre-season because of the violence. Great idea. A couple of miscreants break the law so let's punish everyone else. Heaven forbid if we prosecuted and punished a criminal.

  2. Oh, man. Don't even get me started on that whole tribal mentality displayed by too many sports fans.