Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Needing a break from Project Gunwalker, the economy, and the trials and tribulations of ATF, I stumbled across this - the South African made NeoPup PAW A4 20mm infantry weapon system. If there was ever a weapon designed for the Zombie Apocalypse, it was this. One hit from its 1698 grain projectile and it will be all over for the living dead!

The NeoPup PAW 20 A4 is sort of a rifle crossed with a stand-along grenade laucher put on an off-set bullpup body. The Kitup Blog notes that the PAW 20 is:
Intended for infantry targets in open and behind cover as well as unarmored or lightly armored vehicles…Maximum range for the PAW is 1,000 meters for area targets or a group of Soldiers. Against point targets such as small vehicles or machine gun positions the maximum effective range is 500 meters.

Caliber - 20x42
Muzzle velocity - 1,017 ft/s
Weight - 6kg
Length (open) - 33.25 inches
Length (stowed) - 30.3 inches
Barrel - 14.76 inches
Range - 1000m
Magazine capacity - 6
Semi-auto, rotating bolt, gas operated


  1. Zombie lore seems to be pretty consistent on the point that the way to stop a zombie is by breaking open the brain-case. A suppressed 5.56mm with the SS109 penetrator should be sufficient. And you can carry a lot more of them than you can carry 20mm rounds.

    1. But didn't you notice that the zombie stories always end up with other humans as the real enemy? You need some firepower to handle them, too.

  2. @Comrade Misfit: Yes but with the NeoPup you could get multiple Zombies with one round!

  3. Shadowrun is coming. This immediately put me in mind of an assault cannon