Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Shocked - Rahmbo Joins MAIG

The AP is reporting that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has joined Mayor Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors. I am shocked, shocked I say by this news.
In a statement, Emanuel says almost half of the guns recovered in Chicago come from outside Illinois. He says Chicago has to work with other cities to fight gun trafficking and pass federal legislation.
It is interesting that such important news as this was first reported on a Sunday afternoon. Moreover, the release still isn't up on Emanuel's City of Chicago website nor even MAIG's website.

Chicago officials are also reporting that "more than 80 percent of murder victims last year were killed with a gun." The victims must have been hanging around outside all those shooting ranges in Chicago. Oh wait, there weren't any as the Chicago Gun Law forbid them and the 7th Circuit hadn't ruled in favor of Rhonda Ezell until July of this year.


  1. "more than 80 percent of murder victims last year were killed with a gun."

    Whenever I hear crap like this I always flash back to the gun control episode of "All In The Family" Where Gloria says something frighteningly similar. Archie's response, "would it make you feel better little girl, if they was pushed out of windows?"

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