Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GRPC 2011 Draft Agenda Released

The Second Amendment Foundation has released their draft agenda for the 2011 Gun Rights Policy Conference.

There will be a lot of notable speakers at this year's conference including Adam Winkler of UCLA, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, and Sandy Froman, the former President of the NRA.

Gun bloggers and podcasters will be well represented. Kenn Blanchard of The Black Man with a Gun podcast, David Hardy of the Of Arms and the Law blog, David Codrea of the National Gun Rights Examiner, Dave Workman of the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, and David Kopel of the Volokh Conspiracy will all be part of various panels in Chicago.

Topics of note will include Supreme Court History, Media Bias, Personal Defense and the Legal System, Operation Fast and Furious, and What ATF and Government Regulations Mean to Gunowners.

Of course, the longest panel discussion will be reserved for Second Amendment litigation. This panel will feature Alan Gura, Donald Kilmer of the Nordyke case, David Jensen, and David Sigale.

I am definitely looking forward to this conference. I will try to blog throughout the conference in an attempt to share some real time information.

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  1. I'll be there as well. Looking forward to meeting you again.

    Rob Reed
    Michigan Firearms Examiner
    Detroit Gun Rights Examiner