Friday, September 30, 2011

Iowahawk Satirizes Operation Fast And Furious

Iowahawk is one of the best satirists on the scene today. In a post he did today, he imagines a phone call between President Obama and a Mexican leader. The topic of Operation Fast and Furious comes up because the Mexican leader's son was murdered by the drug cartels with a firearm provided by ATF. An excerpt is below but follow the link to read the whole thing.
Now, Juan, let's not jump to conclusions here. We both know there are lots of machine gun murders in Mexico, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they're all...

Yes, Juan, I got your messages. As a matter of fact that's why I'm calling this afternoon. I've had my people look into this thing and...



Now... now Juan... let's just calm down here a minute. Just, okay.. okay... let me please explain, okay? See, the funny thing is, it turns out, a couple years back there was, well, this stimulus program money, and then there were these brainstorming sessions, where, well, there were some ideas what to do with it. So, anyhoo, one of the ideas that happened was, 'hey, what if there were, say, 2000 machine guns that got sent to Mexican drug lords?' and so forth.

Well no, of course we couldn't tell you. It would have ruined the surprise.

Well, okay, I guess the gato is out of the ol' bag-o. You know that drug cartel war problem you've been having? So, well, the idea was, hey, wouldn't it be great if somehow we could put a trace on the machine guns, and then, surprise! It'd be a like a whole pinata full of drug lord information.


Why? Well see, if we traced all the machine guns we gave to your drug lords, then we could all learn how your drug lords get their machine guns.

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