Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enough To Cause Wailing and Gnashing Of Teeth ... By The Anti Gunners

Let's face it, the gun prohibitionists are a humorless lot who turn their patrician noses up at what the rest of us find funny. Imagine their consternation over a series of ads being aired by PRK Arms of Fresno, CA that spoof puppy adoption and male enhancement ads. You can hear the ads here or here. From the transcript at HotAir.com:
“They’ve been mistreated and misunderstood for generations,” the ad begins. “Abusive owners have done severe damage and given these beautiful creatures a bad reputation.”

“You can make a difference by giving a gun a loving home,” the ad says. “These guns want nothing more than to adore and protect you. So, please, have a heart. … PRK Arms has the kinds of guns that need a loving home more than anything else — like AK-47s, Glocks and the biggest selection of AR-15s in Fresno.”

And from this TV report, it sounds like the ads are working. Sales have never been better according to the store's owner.

You just knew that any gun store called PRK Arms as in People's Republic of Kalifornia had to have a sense of humor. Given the gun laws in California, a sense of humor - and a donation to the CalGuns Foundation - may be the only thing that lets you deal with it.

H/T Firearm Blog and HotAir

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