Saturday, December 24, 2011

"One Of The Most Incompetent Attorneys General In U.S. History"

Such is the description of Attorney General Eric Holder made by columnist Charles Krauthammer yesterday on Fox News' Special Report With Bret Baier. He also described Holder's use of the "race card" in his interview with Charlie Savage of the New York Times as a "cheap shot" and "cowardly".


  1. Incompetence this staggering would require Holder to need daily retraining on how to wipe his own ass. What is actually probable is that he would win an acting award for this if he were in a movie or TV show, as many actors portraying those with below-average intelligence have done.

    I'm sick and tired of politicians of both major parties acting incompetent to get away with treason.

  2. Holder is a pathetic little man, a man of infinitesimal character and zero honor. I don't know what bubblegum machine he got his law degree out of, but the bubblegum vendor should sue him for destroying their reputation.

    This guy has radicalized the justice department to a degree no one else ever has, stuffed the justice department full of racists, and refused to prosecute any crimes unless the alleged perp is white. He has refused to discuss any of this, then calls us cowards for not discussing race.