Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Women And Shooting Covered By CBS News

I'm not sure what they've been putting in the water fountain at CBS News lately but I like it. Not only has CBS runs some of the best - and almost only - coverage of Operation Fast and Furious featuring Sharyl Attkisson but yesterday they ran a positive segment on women and shooting for the Early Show.

The best part is the smiles on each and every one of these woman's faces including CBS report Katrina Szish after they shoot.


  1. Do you know what else is awesome? Going to the Anti-gun range.

    Umm, well... maybe not.

    Let's see the gun grabbers put that same smile on Katrina's face when she attends one of their dour meetings full of anti-rights scolds.

  2. Wow a postive on CBS about guns ? Love it !