Friday, December 16, 2011

Gangs And Politicians - Soldiers In Arms In Chicago

Todd Vandermyde discusses the unholy alliance between some Democratic politicians and gang bangers in the City of Chicago. An article in Chicago Magazine exposes the whole sordid business.

Is it any wonder that Chicago politicians are so anti-gun? It keeps the honest people defenseless while the gangs who support them remain armed.

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  1. BIG Surprise … NOT!
    Google hits on a “Bobby Rush” query: U.S. Representative Bobby Rush, 1st Congressional District of Illinois, Democratic Party – “On December 5, 1969 police raided the apartment of Black Panther leader Bobby Rush. They found a handgun, ammunition for various ...” – “Bobby Rush always did have a lot of stones. He went from being an outlaw and criminal member of the Black Panthers in Chicago to being a ...”
    Just another Chicago story.