Monday, December 26, 2011

Now In The Land Of Lincoln

When we crossed the Ohio River from Paducah, KY to Metropolis, Illinois this afternoon, I had to unload my Ruger LCR and lock it away. Unlike in the antebellum days when crossing the Ohio River meant going from a slave state to a free state, it has now been metaphorically reversed. We went from a free state to one that views personal freedom as an anathema.

I must say I felt a little naked driving with no self-protection.

One of these days, the people of Illinois will have the same freedoms as the rest of the 49 states. Until then, I will need to increase my level of situational awareness.

1 comment:

  1. How odd. I just did the same thing in the same place about a week ago.

    And to make it even more creepy....

    I took my LCR too.

    I have family in Paducah and in Brookport, IL which is just to the east of Metropolis and I24.

    We pulled over just after the I24 exit for KY305 to lock everything up for the trip into the People's Republic of Rahm and then we drove on over....

    ...because one does not simply walk into Illinois.