Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Lost A Bet...And Couldn't Be Happier

The Complementary Spouse and I made a bet back in September. She thought I'd hit a half million visitors to this blog by December 31st. I thought that was a bit optimistic.

I was wrong.

Now the question is what I will need to pay for losing the bet. I'm thinking this.

However, I will let her make the choice on what she wants for winning the bet - even if it is a Glock!

I do want to thank each and every visitor to this blog since May 19, 2010. You are what make this rewarding.


  1. Please keep it up, you have a great site!! I visit it every day.

  2. Wow!! Impressive, but it is all the good work you do! Thanks to you!

  3. I'm pleased to see 499,999 other visits (and probably more by now) acknowledge the hard work and consideration that make this blog a great one. Congrats, John!

  4. Congratulations, John. Well done!