Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy 220th Birthday To The Second Amendment

On this date in 1791, the Commonwealth of Virginia became the 11th state to ratify the Bill of Rights and with it, the Second Amendment. Interestingly enough, New Jersey - a state where the Second Amendment has been under attack - was the first state to ratify it on November 20, 1789. It took a total of 811 days for these amendments to be ratified.

I'm proud to say as a native North Carolinian, that the Tar Hell State was the third state to ratify the Second Amendment (and the rest of the Bill of Rights) on December 22, 1789.

Jim Shepherd, publisher of The Outdoor Wire, had this to say about it in his comments this morning:
Our friend Bill Gravatt at Sinclair International sent us a reminder note yesterday we wanted to pass on to you. Today (December 15, 2011) is the two hundred and twentieth anniversary of adoption of the Second Amendment. If you're a gun person, it's one of those dates that belongs on your calendar every year...if you're not a gun person, well, you should let some of us who are take you to the range so you can try shooting for yourself. As Rob Leatham is fond of saying "I've never taken anyone to the range and had them tell me they've not had fun." Today's the anniversary of why it's so easy for Americans to enjoy the recreational sport of shooting -and the ability to protect our families and out country. The Second Amendment's not about hunting, sport shooting or any of the other diluted suggestions you hear from time to time. It's about our inalienable right to self-protection...and it's worth defending.
I agree with Jim and I like his suggestion about taking someone to the range. The more first time shooters that go to the range, the more we win in our battle to protect and preserve the Second Amendment.

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