Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maryland Asks 4th Circuit For Stay In Woollard (Updated)

Late on Friday, the Maryland Attorney General's Office filed a motion for a stay with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. They are seeking a stay of District Court Judge Benson Legg's order in the Woollard case that the Maryland State Police must issue carry permits without requiring a "good and substantial reason."

They are seeking to have the order stayed until the 4th Circuit rules on its appeal of the Woollard decision.

I have uploaded Maryland's motion to Scribd and it can be found here.

UPDATE: Dave Hardy at Of Arms and the Law is reporting that the 4th Circuit granted Maryland its stay. However, they then expedited the hearings on the appeal.


  1. I was expecting the motion for a stay. I will follow this closely as I have many friends living over the border in the socialist republic of Maryland.
    I am also hoping for reciprocity. I hate putting on my helmet AND disarming when I cross into that state.

  2. No surprise... MD WILL drag this out as long as possible, hoping to 'win'... Your MD tax dollars at work!

  3. Ask Adrian Fenty, who kept pushing DC vs Heller and Richard Daley, who kept pushing McDonald vs Chicago, both hoping for a victory how that foot-dragging thing worked out.

  4. I thought that a court could only grant a stay if there was a substantial likelihood of the motion prevailing?

    Of course, thats for folks who actually believe in the law.

  5. This is the second time the 4th circuit court went against Legg. They are telling him to stand down and accept their interpretation of the law.

    Someone voted for tyranny and elections have consequences.