Monday, August 13, 2012

Pelosi Is Losing It

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has a fertile imagination. Either that or she is losing it. Given that she is now 72, the latter is unfortunately a distinct possibility. Having watched my Mom suffer from dementia I wouldn't wish it on anyone and that includes Pelosi.

Pelosi is firmly convinced that the attempts by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to get Attorney General Eric Holder to honor their lawfully issued subpoena is nothing more than a Republican attempt at voter suppression. The first paragraph of her statement on the filing of a civil lawsuit today by the Oversight Committee is below:
“This partisan lawsuit wastes taxpayer dollars and resources, and is a distraction from the urgent business before Congress: acting to create jobs and grow our economy. It is also designed to distract the Justice Department from its critical job of challenging state laws designed to restrict the rights of Americans to vote.
It is as if 300 dead Mexican nationals and 2 Federal law enforcement officers are just collateral damage in the effort to win elections by hook or by crook.


  1. She is right about one thing,,,,,,the lawsuit will be nothing more than a HUGE waste of time and money.

    But, being an election year, I expect nothing less from Ms. Plastic Puss,,,,,let's confuse the American people AGAIN by placing a spin on everything.

    Who here believes the American people will EVER know the truth about Holder or Big Brother's involvement in this issue,,,raise your hand.

    1. Why is it a waste? It's the job of the Congress to be the Grand Inquisitor of the USA (note the word "Oversight" in the committee's name), and if investigating lethal malfeasance like Fast and Furious isn't their job, what is?

      And we know and suspect enough now, I think. One thing that's not mentioned a lot is that many of the documents sought are ones the committee already has unverified copies of from whistle-blowers and the like. In part, this suit is just to confirm the record.

      I'm not so worried about pinning anything, including the coverup, on Holder, we knew he had a criminal nature when he was nominated, e.g. the Marc Rich pardon he facilitated. Followed by all those DoJ actions like dropping the New Black Panthers case it had already won.

    2. After they piss away millions, and months of wasted time when they could be doing something worth while,,,,what will we know? What will we learn that we already don't know right now? I seem to be able to accept the fact that once again, government has been involved in a massive cover up. Same old, and it will NEVER change. This is what politicians do.

      Justice department Nancy? REALLY?? Justice was made quite transparent when the anointed one invoked his "executive privilege" to protect his pal Holder.

    3. What could they realisticly do that is more worth while than educating people about corruption in the DOJ? You seem to expect a perfect universe.

      I want them to do far more, not to ignore DOJ facilitated murders of hundreds of people for a political purpose.

      If this were a Republican administration this scandal would be front page news everywhere and Holder would be in jail.

      This is a great way to educate the mass of people of how the main stream media has become a propaganda branch of the Democrat party.

  2. I just wish someone would throw a bucket of water on her to see if she'll melt.

    TSgt B

  3. @ tsgt b,
    or drop a house on her.